ABRAK KALA distribution company started distributing its products from year 2001 in Tehran

The company is sole agent for distributing ABRAK KALA MFG. company’s products in Iran which is established in year 1991 as first homecare product in Iran

The company’s main activity is distribution of all kinds of scouring cleaning pads through chain stores and small markets in different cities of Iran

The company produces and distributes its products in the brand name of BRITTEX and SUNYOU. The brand embraces a wide range of homecare products

The variety of products in terms of size, type of wear , performance,  containers, and sanitary services have been able to meet any customer’s needs

For example, anti-scratching kitchen pad can be named as one of the most abrasive products in the basket that can be used for crystal clear, crystal glassware, and in contrast to solid stainless steel, one of the most sought products can be used to wash dishes with tough places and pots

This wide range has made the customers make the right choices and can easily meet their needs and would be pleased with their purchases

In this regard, the company has complied with all the required standards so that in some products which is necessary to use adhesive, it has been able to use a special adhesive so that even these materials are used by humans by mistakes , they will not be harmful into their digestive system of their bodies

The degree of abrasion in different products has been tested by quality control devices to the extent that they meet and maintain international standards in every product

The aim of the manufacturing company is to produce the national products in accordance with international standards, as well as the company’s distributor main purpose is, distributing the products without intermediary agents as quickly and accurately as possible and finally obtaining more customer satisfaction